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World Travel Market in 140 Characters #travTweetup #EnsaimadaConnection noviembre 27, 2009

Posted by hola2andreu in Blogroll.

Hello Blogworld .
I,ve been away for long time , I moved to Twitterland but I,m comming back to say several things about something that happened in WTM that I cannot tell in just 140 c. and at the same time say sorry to you who uses to read this blog .
Since 1995 I use to attend the WTM to promote the properties www.amic-hotels-mallorca.com in the WTM ( I remember great times at Earls Court ) and want to notice how much has changed the contacts and value of them got in such an international event and how socialmedia approached me to a great number of prefessionals in UK that were out of my radar in early years where the TTOO and outgoing travel agencies were the focus of my interest as commercial manager and just my properties .
THings have changed , the power has changed and now everybody can build them own social friends according to similar interests ,that,s sounds great , but the goal in all this Follow experiment is to get in touch personally with the virtual contacts we make  in different social networks .

The WTM was the best place to do that , not everyday I have the chance to spend great time in London and my friend Arantxa Ros from Viajes Aecan in Tenerife ( expert in incomming , villas and special holidays ) introduced me to Matt Parson who was organizing a travTweetup in LOndon While the WTM . so we both joined the event and that was one oif the best events at the WTM . We met loads of    interesting people there and could feel how important is the destination Islands in Sapin between travel PR , journos , bloggers , media , etc…. and  how they want to show in their jobs , articles , blogs , recommendations the real Majorca and the real Canary Island vacation style .

Months ago I met Arantxa @aecan in Twitter running  in Canary Island that a small comapny, doing great job in social media while competitors were blamming on CRISIS  . We contacted and started our cooperation , yes travel agencies and hotels working toguether for our destinations Mallorca and Canary Islands considered by many people as competitors , joined virtually our love for  Canary Islands and Balearic Islands and  started to help each other and share our goals for the WTM and that,s  the way  Viajes Aecan and Amic Hotels discovered the TravTweetup party and joined to make new friends and to let them Know that Mallorca and Tenerife is also : Friendship , culture , gastronomy , and aiming just travel professional PR and bloggers , and journos to write them first hand experiences about the spanish Islands .

Surprise was to find so beautiful people , nice , helpful and in a very well organized event we could share the time with many professionals in tourism that apart of doing them business promotions in WTM , loved to join the twitter meeting to share with people who loves to share . When the event finished I had my pockets full of visit cards of many people and my Twitter acount has also many new followers which I manatain regulary contact with .


Let us share a small video about the event   just to remember the ambience there and just to remember you that In Mallorca you have an AMIC and in Tenerife you have your incomming travel Agency and hope you liked the ENSAIMADA of  Forn Fondo just taken from Hotel Horizonte and Aecan to all of you

Special Thanks to .
@501Places http://www.501places.com/

If you want to join our community of AMIC  you will have an ensaimada when you come to Mallorca

Ensaimada recepee .(  If you want more let me know ) http://www.spain-recipes.com/ensaimada.html

If you have some time enjoy this videos

BLogroom Mallorca :

Ensaimada                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okpeCMba1pM

LA Isla de la Calma    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_a4YHF9KPk

Palma                            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHofuOurb-Y

Amaneceres from Mallorca from www.room906.com

SEE YOU IN MALLORCA / See you in Teneriffe

Amic Andreu @horizonte24
Arantxa Ros   @aecan


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